Water 2005

WATER 2005 drill terminated

WATER 2005 drill was officially terminated on Sunday 24 July 2005 at 9.00 am., following the order issued by Petr Beran, the officer-in-command of the exercise.  More


Tactical exercise the Water 2005

According to the decision of the Security Council of the City of Prague, the exercise “Water 2005” will take place in the days of 22 – 24 July within the inundation areas of the City of Prague. There will be all the so-far built and taken over flood control measures on both banks of the Vltava River. The exercise will also thoroughly check on the functioning and cooperation of all the crisis management components of our metropolis. More


Water 2005 tactical drill has entered its final stage

Flood protection barriers are gradually disassembled and removing of road signalling informing about traffic restraints has already started too.  More


Water 2005 has demonstrated high level of professional skills and commitment of all participants

23.7.2005-This noon has marked the official climax of Water 2005 tactical drill. Václav Šimek, deputy director of non-professional Fire Fighters, handed over to Pavel Bém, Mayor of Prague, the "completed works" the scope of which was subsequently inspected from the deck of Hamburg steamboat.  More


Water 2005 drill – flood-protection barriers hand-over

Today, at Kampa, short after noon, Václav Šimek, deputy director of Prague Fire Fighters, handed over to Pavel Bém, Mayor of Prague, the implemented flood protection system of Prague.  More


Water 2005 drill has begun

Tonight, Pavel Bém, Mayor of the City of Prague, personally checked the course of Water 2005 drill. The drill began on Friday at 19.30 and from 21.00 on, more than 500 individuals commenced to build flood barriers in Prague flood-prone areas on both Vltava river banks. Till summer 2006, the city of Prague will invest over CZK 2 billion into flood facilities; this year, installation of the complete Prague flood protection will be completed, with the exception of Zbraslav, Radotín, Chuchle and Troja. At the same time, the drill will test in detail the functioning and co-ordination of all crisis management bodies of the Czech metropolis.  More


WATER 2005 – Prague tests out its flood control facilities

All the flood control facilities that Prague has constructed since the catastrophic floods of 2002, will be erected and tested this weekend in real time and life conditions. The tactical exercise, which is being organised by the Prague City Hall with the support of the relevant sections of municipal security system, will commence on Friday, 22 July at 7.30 pm. More


Regular advisory and information service will be available in English

During the tactical exercise Water 2005, citizens will be kept informed on the progress of he exercise at three-hourly intervals by a uniform public announcement system consisting of 82 electronic sirens. This will occur specifically from Thursday 21 July to Sunday, 24 July, starting at 8:45 am. Information now offered in Czech, will also be provided in English at the following times: 11:45 am and 7:45 pm on Friday, 22 July. On Saturday, 23 July, during the hours of 8:00 am to noon an English speaking operator will be present on the toll-free line 800 100 991 as part of a call centre arranged by the City Hall for the purposes of the exercise.  More


Water 2005 tactical drill regular announcements

During the Water 2005 tactical drill, regular information announcements will be taking place in three-hour intervals, starting on Thursday 21 July until Sunday 24 July, the first announcement being aired each day at 8.45 am. The announcements will be broadcast using 82 electric horns of the joint warning and information system of the population. Information in Czech and English will be handled from the Operational centre of the City of Prague Crisis Staff. More


Changes in Public Transportation during the “WATER 2005” Exercise

In the days of July 22 – 24, the City of Prague will check in the field the flood control mobile barriers construction and functioning of the entire security system. The exercise will partially restrict both individual car and public transportation. The restrictions will only apply to the aboveground transportation, not to the subway.  More


Traffic limitation

In connection with Water 2005 tactical drill, traffic limitations and closures stall be put in place between 22 July, 7:30 pm., and 24 July, 12.00 am. of streets on both banks of Vltava river. Such measures are necessary for setup and subsequent disassembly of all elements of flood protection. In the concerned areas, traffic road signalling will be installed in time and the Metropolitan Police and the Police of the Czech Republic officers will be assisting drivers. All information is also available to citizens at 800 100 991 toll-free number set up by the Prague City Hall in the context of the drill. More


Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a. s. (Prague’s water company) and the context of flood control measures undertaken in Prague

The floods of 2002 caused damage to the water infrastructure assets operated by Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s., to the tune of more than 500 million Czech crowns. Roughly 300 million CZK worth of damage was done to the Central wastewater treatment plant in Prague-Bubeneč alone. Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s. is actively participating in the preparation and execution of the flood control measures programme for the City. Based on the flow quantities and the way the floods of 2002 occurred, a new procedure for closing down the sewer network has been established. A timely shut off of flood control valves in the sewer system in the face of rising water levels of the Vltava river proved critical at the time of the floods, especially in the area of Old Town.  More


The City of Prague Medical Rescue Services will take part in the “WATER 2005” drill exercise

The upcoming drill exercise WATER 2005 is to test the cooperation of all the components of the City’s crisis management, its coordination capacity, information transfer, the feasibility of using detour routes and of supplying the hit areas. Such a verification of preparedness for situations that might endanger lives of many people, is for the City of Prague Medical Rescue Services absolutely necessary.  More


Drill Water 2005

After the experience resulting from the floods that hit the Capital in 2002, the city of Prague quickly set out to build a comprehensive flood control protection system. This applies equally to the flood control measures for the subway. The flood water level, against which the subway system facilities will be protected, was determined by the City Council and subsequently contained in an instruction by the CEO of Public Transport Company (Dopravní podnik), as the maximum flood water level reached in 2002 plus another 60 cm. Based on this decision, the Metroprojekt company in 2003 prepared a project for protecting the subway system against floods. At present, the subway system flood control measures meeting this level of protection have been completed to approximately eighty percent and by the end of the year the work will be all finished. The City of Prague has granted the Public Transport Company a special-purpose subsidy for the flood control measures amounting to 700 million Czech crowns.  More


Notices of parking prohibition in the areas affected by the “WATER 2005” drill have been posted

In connection with the “WATER 2005“ drill exercise it will be necessary, in some areas of the capital, especially in the central district around the Vltava, to restrict individual motor car traffic. Appropriate traffic signs have already been installed in the streets concerned, indicating a prohibition on stopping during the period of the exercise. The Prague City Hall kindly requests its citizens remove their vehicles from the affected streets. Vehicles remaining on these streets will be towed away.  More


City of Prague Metropolitan Police in Water 2005 drill

Between July 22 and 24, 2005, a tactical drill of all security and rescue system units of the City of Prague will be taking place. City of Prague Metropolitan Police officers, who intervened during the 2002 floods alongside the rescuers, firemen, police, army as well as volunteers in a number of rescue operations, will, of course, be taking an active part. Among other things, they evacuated citizens who did not obey in time the call to evacuate out of risk areas, and during night, they patrolled buildings in the closed zones against looting. More


Fire and rescue department of the City of Prague (FSD) and Voda 2005 (Water 2005) drill

Fire and rescue department of the City of Prague constitutes an essential part of our capital. Within the framework of VODA 2005 drill, it will employ, in concordance with anti-flood measures, a specialised group of frogmen to assist during the emergency closure of Čertovka canal by anti-flood gate. Consequently, it will deploy a specialised unit of climbers who will use their mountaineering skills to install a mobile anti flood barrier on the said gate. During the whole time of the drill, the mobile FSD technology shall assure material supply of all intervening units by fuel. More

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