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Flood control measures

floods in prague, august 2002 (praha-troja)

Tactical exercise "Water 2005" took place in Prague in the days of 22 - 24 July 2005. More

installation of mobile flood protection barriers installation of mobile flood protection barriers

(the text below is based on the chapter Flood control measures published in yearbook Prague Environment 2006)


Information on the construction of flood protection system of the City of Prague

An intensive construction of flood protection system has been ongoing on the whole territory of the City of Prague. Once the system is completed the City shall be protected against the flooding of high water of the Vltava River and the Berounka River as in the case of the great deluge of August 2002 plus the spare margin of water level + 30 cm.

The construction of flood control measures was originally in 1997 designed for 100-year water and subdivided into seven phases as follows: 1 – Old Town and Josefov, 2 – Leader Town and Kampa, 3 – Karlín and Libeň, 4 – Holešovice and Royal Game Preserve Stromovka, 5 – Podolí and Výtoň, 6 – Smíchov, Zbraslav, Radotín and Velká Chuchle, and 7 – Troja, Prague 6.

After the 2002 flood it was decided to elevate the existing protective dykes in preparations and to expand the construction of flood-control measures for two more phases as follows:

  • phase 0008 Modřany – the extension of the protected area from Street U Kina to the Sugar Mill Komořany, modifications of creeks taken in pipes, and protection of Modřany by increasing of the railway tracks;
  • and the phase 0009 of measures against internal water, which shall take rainwater and water from the sewerage system from areas located behind the flood-control measures.

Following the experience from the 2002 floods, mathematical models, and other background materials, further changes were carried out to the protection system and to projects to provide for much more perfect protection of Prague.

The construction of 1st phase the Old Town and Josefov was completed in 2000 and saved the Old Town from flooding even at the vast deluge in August 2002.


State of preparations and construction of respective phases of the Construction 0012

Phase 0002 the Lesser Town and Kampa is completed and its whole section Říční Street down to Čertovka and the formerly completed section at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic protects the Old Town against the flood. At present the supplier finishes with the fixing of defects which were found at the construction approval and also making modifications pursuant to the remarks of the OKP MHMP concerning the outlook of the newly constructed embankment wall and putting the children playground into its original shape is addressed within the broader context of the renewal and use of the alluvial plane in the Kampa area till the Herget Brick Mill in order to open the walkway to the public and tourists.

Phase 0003 Karlín – Libeň is, concerning the technical merit as well as the extent of works, the most complex and financially one of the most demanding phases. Majority of works has been completed. The parts of area preparation and earth removal, Temporary protection of Karlín and the section Štefanik Bridge – Negrelli Railway Bridge are completed and taken over. The section Libeň Ports – protection of area, Libeň Ports – flood control pump station, Libeň Ports – flood control closure of the ports, and Rohanský Island – Faculty of Mathematics and Physic of the Charles University are also completed. The last section is the final solution of the interim barrier in the area of Metrostav, which also depends on the usage of the Rohanský Island.

Phase 0004 Holešovice – Stromovka – The work is duly completed.

Phase 0005 Výtoň, Podolí, Smíchov – It was implemented and the work is completed, pursuant to construction documentation and amendments to it.

Phase 0006 Zbraslav – Radotín – At present documentation sets for the selection of suppliers of respective sections of this construction are being completed and the call for tenders are under preparation. These are sections 12 Zbraslav – taking out the internal water, section 13 Zbraslav – North, section 14 Zbraslav – South, section 21 Radotín, U školy – Věštínská Street, section 26 Radotín Věštínská Street – Street U Jankovky, and the section 22 Velká Chuchle. The section 31 Lipence – Dolní Černošice will be discussed in relation to the land-use plan (the road connection to the City Ring Road).

Phase 0007 Troja – Documentation is under development and the preparations of the final line thereof are being determined.

Phase 0008 flood-control measures Modřany – The works is completed and forms, along with the construction of KOMOKO, forms an integrated section of the flood-control measures of Modřany. In this phase the preparation of the boat depot construction for a canoe sport society, which original storage facility was destroyed due to the construction, is under negotiations.

Phase 0009 Measures against internal water – it is transferred into the investment plan of the Prague Water Management Company.

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