Water 2005

Tactical exercise the Water 2005

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City of Prague - News Release

Prague City Hall - Public Relations Department

Tactical exercise the Water 2005

According to the decision of the Security Council of the City of Prague, the exercise “Water 2005” will take place in the days of 22 – 24 July within the inundation areas of the City of Prague. There will be all the so-far built and taken over flood control measures on both banks of the Vltava River. The exercise will also thoroughly check on the functioning and cooperation of all the crisis management components of our metropolis.

As of tomorrow, July 15 at 12 a.m., the citizens will be able to obtain the latest information through the call center at the free-phone 800 100 990. As of Tuesday, July 19, detailed information on transportation measures and restrictions during the time of exercise will be available in the press, City of Prague official website www.praha-město.cz, information handouts in the means of public transportation, announcements and visual spots in the subway stations and other communication channels. During the time of the actual exercise, the press and information center will be available right in Kampa that will provide the real-time details.

Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to give you this early notification that there will be No parking and Clearway signs in force within the street areas of ŠEŘÍKOVÁ, ŘÍČNÍ, MALOSTRANSKÉ NÁBŘEŽÍ, U SOVOVÝCH MLÝNŮ, U LUŽICKÉHO SEMINÁŘE, NA KAMPĚ, CIHELNÁ, SMETANOVO NÁBŘEŽÍ (RIVERFRONT) From KAROLINY SVĚTLÉ UP TO DIVADELNÍ, streets BEZOVÁ, VLTAVANŮ, U KEMPINKU,    V NÁKLÍCH, further the streets MEZI VODAMI, K JEZU,  U KINA, HOŘEJŠÍ NÁBŘEŽÍ UP TO ADMIRÁL BOTEL, NÁBŘEŽNÍ STREET and JANÁČKOVO NÁBŘEŽÍ as of July 22 from 7.30 p.m. till 12 a.m. of July 24.

Considering the exercise importance for the flood protection of the City of Prague territory, we’re asking the citizens to move their vehicles outside the stated area in order to prevent them from being towed away. 

The traffic restrictions will only apply to the aboveground transportation; there will be no restrictions to the subway operation.

The Rescue Security System bodies of the City of Prague are guaranteed the free passage; the citizens’ safety will not be jeopardized. 

We appreciate your understanding and we ask for your cooperation. We protect Prague for you.

Prague, July 14, 2005

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