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Fire and rescue department of the City of Prague (FSD) and Voda 2005 (Water 2005) drill

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Fire and rescue department of the City of Prague (FSD) and Voda 2005 (Water 2005) drill

Fire and rescue department of the City of Prague constitutes an essential part of our capital. Within the framework of VODA 2005 drill, it will employ, in concordance with anti-flood measures, a specialised group of frogmen to assist during the emergency closure of Čertovka canal by anti-flood gate. Consequently, it will deploy a specialised unit of climbers who will use their mountaineering skills to install a mobile anti flood barrier on the said gate. During the whole time of the drill, the mobile FSD technology shall assure material supply of all intervening units by fuel.

City of Prague FSD units will be ready to sent reinforcements if the deployed forces and means used in building anti-flood barriers should prove insufficient. In addition to the direct securing, the FSD shall deploy a group of observers, composed of shift commanding officers and their deputies as well as of fire stations commanders coming from the districts where the drill will be taking part. The aim of the observer mission is to get maximum information about test events handling capability for further drilling of FSD units as well as for specialist analysis of security measures.

During the extensive traffic measures necessitated by the drill, fire alternative routes use shall be tested in order to ensure accessibility of all impacted areas by fire engines and other rescue machines in the event of anti-fire intervention necessity.

It goes without saying that Coll. Bc. Dalibor Gosman shall be present at all times during the drill, as well as ISZ units directors and  CoP FSD inhabitants protection unit .

The main task of CoP FSD is the security of citizen. During the drill, fire security of citizens remains the priority so that the citizens security standard remains unchanged.

Made by:

npor. Mgr. Vít Pernica

ZPP dept. Head and CoP FSD spokesperson

Prague, July 14,. 2005

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