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City of Prague Metropolitan Police in Water 2005 drill

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City of Prague Metropolitan Police in Water 2005 drill

Between July 22 and 24, 2005, a tactical drill of all security and rescue system units of the City of Prague will be taking place. City of Prague Metropolitan Police officers, who intervened during the 2002 floods alongside the rescuers, firemen, police, army as well as volunteers in a number of rescue operations, will, of course, be taking an active part. Among other things, they evacuated citizens who did not obey in time the call to evacuate out of risk areas, and during night, they patrolled buildings in the closed zones against looting.

During the drill, police officers will be protecting property – installed anti-flood barriers and equipment; when supervising public order, they will prevent entering of unauthorised persons into closed zones.

At the same time, they will attend that in areas where the traffic authorities will tow away cars because of the anti-flood elements setup the cleared spaces are not taken again by other vehicles in the marked no stopping zones. Patrol cars will be escorting trucks bringing anti-flood barriers to the defined places.

CoP Metropolitan Police Services Administration vehicles will be deployed within the anti-flood barriers setup, because it disposes of suitable equipment for such installation – towing vehicles with an “arm“. Police officers will also help to manage traffic closures and the subsequently restricted traffic system – ban of traffic, no stopping etc.

The Metropolitan Police River Unit will engage in the drill as well, its professionally trained officers being prepared to provide timely and professional assistance will ensure surveillance over respecting the Navigating rules, National navigation administration decrees, legal regulations pertaining to water transport, dangerous floating object etc., on Vltava river. Officers of this unit attended a water level training course focusing on rescue of persons, first aid training, they are holders of wild water rescuer certificate and four officers  are holders of diving permit of the 1st degree OWD – CMAS-ITD. They have also attended a cycle of professional trainings led by Czech Red Cross Water rescue service instructors.

In the event of floods occurrence, The Metropolitan Police River Unit, which is also equipped with rafts, is ready to assist during evacuation of persons out of dangerous areas in flooded zones.

Made by:

PaeDr. Vilma Častová
Department of communication with the public
City of Prague Metropolitan Police

In Prague, July 15, 2005

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