Water 2005

Drill Water 2005

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Drill Water 2005

From 22 to 24 July, in a drill exercise entitled WATER 2005, Prague will test out in practice  its mobile flood control barriers as well as the operation of the entire flood control safety system. This drill exercise does not include the flood control measures for the subway system which will operate as usual, however, for the sake of completeness we also present here information concerning the progress of work on the flood control protection measures for the subway system.

By the year’s end, the work on the flood control protection measures for the subway system stations will be completed excepting the stations of Invalidovna and Florenc

logo 4.jpgAfter the experience resulting from the floods that hit the Capital in 2002, the city of Prague quickly set out to build a comprehensive flood control protection system. This applies equally to the flood control measures for the subway. The flood water level, against which the subway system facilities will be protected, was determined by the City Council and subsequently contained in an instruction by the CEO of Public Transport Company (Dopravní podnik), as the maximum flood water level reached in 2002 plus another 60 cm. Based on this decision, the Metroprojekt company in 2003 prepared a project for protecting the subway system against floods. At present, the subway system flood control measures meeting this level of protection have been completed to approximately eighty percent and by the end of the year the work will be all finished. The City of Prague has granted the Public Transport Company a special-purpose subsidy for the flood control measures amounting to 700 million Czech crowns.
The subway system stations of Florenc and Invalidovna constitute an exception to the flood control protection measures, as they are, for technical reasons, for the present protected only to the level corresponding to a hundred-year water level. The Invalidovna station has to undergo, within the scope of the flood protection works, a complete reconstruction of its entrance hall area and at the Florenc station, there has to be resolved, by suitable technical means, the complicated task of anchoring the entrance hall in order that it may not be uplifted by water pressure, and this work will not be completed before the year’s end. 

Prague’s Public Transport Company has a new Flood Management Plan. The City of Prague Council Commission, which examined the causes for the flooding of the subway system, considered the nonexistence within the company of a comprehensive flood management plan to be a major failure. While prior to the floods, the subway system flood plan had only addressed a hundred-year water level, the current Public Transport Company Flood Management Plan is based on a water level corresponding to the 2002 floods level plus 60 cm and it incorporates the entire Public Transport Company. This plan also incorporates the surface transport coordination links which were not included in the previous flood plan. The recommendations of the investigation Commission as well as the requirements of the Water Act, have been consistently respected.

The Flood Management Plan now also unequivocally states that the authority to shut down the operations of the subway system in case of danger rests with the Public Transport Company CEO.

The new Flood Management Plan was approved by the board of directors of the company in March 2003. It is updated on a yearly basis. The Flood Management Plan thus incorporates all the changes resulting from the progress made in building the flood control facilities at the respective subway stations, as well as the changes to the decision making process which accompany the extensive transformation project currently under way at the Public Transport Company.

Work accomplished within the context of the flood protection measures for the subway system

Prague, 15 July 2005

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