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The City of Prague Medical Rescue Services will take part in the “WATER 2005” drill exercise

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The City of Prague Medical Rescue Services will take part in the “WATER 2005” drill exercise

The upcoming drill exercise WATER 2005 is to test the cooperation of all the components of the City’s crisis management, its coordination capacity, information transfer, the feasibility of using detour routes and of supplying the hit areas. Such a verification of preparedness for situations that might endanger lives of many people, is for the City of Prague Medical Rescue Services absolutely necessary.

Such situations include, without any doubt, floods that might strike the capital.

Even though a flood as such does not necessarily entail an increased number of interventions within the affected area, the situation may get complicated due to impassable roads, the necessity for using special equipment for transporting the victims, etc. The flood control measures are organised in such a way that the vital pre-hospitalisation medical care provided by the rescue service may be ensured in the affected areas without undue impairment or limitation. A special rescue vehicle of the Prague Medical Rescue Services will be available during the exercise at Kampa.

During the floods of 2002, the greatest increase in work-load was experienced by the operational centre of the Prague emergency, where on some days the number of calls to the emergency line 155 had increased by as much as 80% and callers demanded information about accessing the medical services.

From the point of view of acute illnesses and injuries, a flood does not necessarily represent a significant health risk for those members of the public that respect the basic safety precautions and quickly obey the issued instructions. On the other hand, those who engage in a sort of “hunt for the sensational” expose themselves to a not inconsiderable risk of coming to harm when they enter off-limits areas or when they may take part in “adrenaline” pursuits such as riding down the inundated rivers on light crafts, etc. Such cases occurred during the floods of 2002, when irresponsible individuals needlessly risked not only their own lives, but also the lives of the rescuers who had to come to their assistance. And by extension, those of other citizens when the rescue forces had to be needlessly tied down in stormy rivers.

The City of Prague Medical Rescue Services – territorial rescue service centre – is an integral part of the Integrated Rescue System, i.e. the Rescue and Safety System of the Capital City of Prague. Its primary task is to provide medical pre-hospitalisation vital care in situations when due to acute deterioration of health, due to sickness or accidents, human health or lives are in danger.

Prepared by:
Ondřej Franěk, M.D.
Chief medical officer - ZOS ZZS HMP - ÚSZS

Prague, on 15 July 2005


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