Ročenka – zpráva o stavu životního prostředí
Yearbook – report on state of the environment



Information on the flood control measures construction in Prague

An intensive construction of the flood control system has been ongoing on the whole territory of the City of Prague. Once the system is completed the City shall be protected against the flooding of high water of the Vltava River and the Berounka River as in the case of the great deluge of August 2002 plus the spare margin of water level +30 cm. The exception is the City District Zbraslav where, following the arrangement with the City District and discussion at the Council of the Capital City of Prague, the protection level shall be to the hundred year water with the spare margin of +30 cm.

The construction of flood control measures was originally in 1997 designed for the 100-year water and subdivided into seven phases: 0001 – Staré Město and Josefov, 0002 – Malá Strana and Kampa, 0003 – Karlín and Libeň, 0004 – Holešovice and Stromovka, 0005 – Podolí and Výtoň, 0006 – Smíchov, Zbraslav, Radotín and Velká Chuchle, 0007 – Troja, Prague 7.

Following the deluge in 2002 the proposed level of protection was reinforced. The first completed phase passed successfully through, merely the section of the mobile dams in front of the Holešovice Market. The flood control measure construction was expanded by two more phases, phase 0008 Modřany and phase
0009 – measures against in-territorial water. The phases protecting the City downtown were completed and are expected to be fully working in case of potential flood conditions (0001–0005, 0008).

In 2009 works were ongoing on the phases E 0006 Zbraslav - Radotín and E 0007 Troja. The preparation and implementation of the flood control measures have been secured by the Department of the City Investor of the Prague City Hall (OMI MHMP). The phase 0009 has been continuously ensured by the company of PVS, a. s.


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