Ročenka – zpráva o stavu životního prostředí
Yearbook – report on state of the environment


Dear readers,

This year Prague will be introducing the twentieth anniversary edition of the Yearbook on the State of Environment in the City. I am pleased that the new leadership of the city is able to continue in the long tradition of responsible metropolitan administration, which is based on the principles of decision making based on good information and openness towards our citizens.

I consider the systematic approach to information handling and communication with the citizens and the city’s management to be as important as in the medicine. At the beginning stand examination and the case history, diagnosis, followed by the design and application of medical treatment, monitoring of its success rate and keeping of records. However, there is a particular need for prevention and patient interaction. We also want our city to be healthy, clean and developing in a sustainable manner. We want the city to work so well that the people of Prague would be the least troubled by the ailments of the city’s environment, but conversely, that they would benefit from its positive side as a good place to live and work. That is why we analyze and document the status and development of the urban environment, monitoring what improvements have been brought by the measures we have carried out, we are considering our next steps, we strive for information and interaction with experts and the general public.

The Yearbook provides a wealth of information about what we have managed to solve in twenty years, what we have successfully started, but also what problems and challenges are standing ahead of us. I hope that you will find the Yearbook to be not only the source of interesting numbers, graphs and maps, but also an inspiration to think about what we can do for ourselves and our environment. It may involve a waste separation, travel to work other than by a car, saving energy or water or weekend trips to interesting natural sites in Prague. I trust that in each of the following yearbooks we will be able to bring you information about what improvements were done to the city’s environment by its representatives.

Doc. MUDr. Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc.
The Mayor of Prague


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