Prague's environment - introduction

prague nature parks - šárkaThe territory of Prague is to a great extent unique due to its numerous representatives of nature like biotopes, localities where human activities have not incurred much adverse impacts yet. The Prague’s wildlife and landscape provide the inevitable living space to a number of species of fauna and flora, including protected species, and simultaneously they provide – however not in the same quality across the whole territory – high quality environment for everyday life and recreational activities of the Prague inhabitants as well as its visitors and tourists. The City parks, historical gardens, forests, alleys, areas of special protection, nature parks, and water courses at the same time create the unique spirit of the City and contribute to its attractiveness and exceptional atmosphere.
Thus a visit to the Capital City of Prague offers, except for options to get familiar with important historical monuments and to see or participate in interesting cultural events, an opportunity to learn on these natural beauties and treasures of Prague as well. On these new web pages you will find a number of useful pieces of information and hints concerning the natural wealth of Prague and, at the same time, practical information, which should help you to protect the Prague’s environment and thus conserve its beauties for future visitors to our City.
Here you will also find information at professional level focused on the environment and its protection and conservation in Prague as our contribution to the international information exchange in this field.

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