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Obora Hvězda (The Hvězda Game Preserve) Natural Monument

Principal data Northeast of the Bílá Hora (White Mountain), bordered with the streets Ruzyňská, Libocká and Na Vypichu in the north, and Kralupská, U Světličky, Moravanů and Za oborou in the south. Cadastre: Dolní Liboc - Prague 5. Area: 84.15 ha. Elevation: 320 - 370 m above sea level. Established by the Ordinance of Prague Municipality No. 5/1988 of July 4, 1988.

Reason of establishment, principal motive of protection Large wood with valuable near-nature wood species composition forming a mixed forest and a regufe of numerous rare and endangered animal species. Geological profiles of Cretaceous sediments.

Geology, geomorphology, pedology The bedrock consists of Ordovician shales covered with Upper cretaceous sandstones, sandy marlites and their detritus, with locally developed Tertiary gravelsands. The Bílá Hora sandy marlites weather into loamy and sandy medium-nutritive soils, locally covered with loess.

BotanyForestry The wood in the Hvězda Game Preserve probably links with the original woods of the northwestern environs of Prague. However, it was entirely devastated several times in the past, for the last time during the military campaigns of the18th century. Later on the woods were renovated with oak, beech and hornbeam, subsequently unfortunately supplemented with conifers - the spruce and the pine. In spite of that the Hvězda Game Preserve has conserved all reconstructed geobotanical units, viz. the oak and hornbeam wood with cow-heat in the eastern part, the lime and oak wood in the central part, and the beech wood on the steep slope facing the northwest. There are several unique old oak and beech specimens. The shrub and plant levels consist mostly of suchnitrophilous species as the elder, the bramble, the common avens (Geum urbanum) and the cow-cherwil (Anthriscus sylvestris).

Zoology The number of invertebrates includes some butterflies, such as Lassiomata maera from the satyrs, Dichonia aprilina from the noctuids and Fabiola pokornyi from the Ecophoridaefamily. The number of ground beetles includes Amara brunnes and Abax carinatus, the snout beetles Otiorhynchus porcatus and Barypeithes mollicomus. Acalles echinatus proves the continuity of the forest. The rare Eutheia scydmaenoides orientalis was found in the rot of hollow trees. The occurrence of the relic gastropod Perpolita petronella is unique. The reptiles include regularly the sand lizard, less frequently the blind-worm. Some 60 bird species were ascertained nesting in the area, the most frequent species including the brambling, the mistle thrush, the blackbird, the robin, the blackcap, the tits and the warblers. Also the great spotted woodpecker and the grey and the green woodpeckers nest here regularly. The mammals are represented by the European hedgehog, the common shrew, the bats, thewhite-toothed shrew, the red squirrel, the hare, the common dormouse, the fat dormouse; the carnivores include the red fox, the stone marten and the weasel.

Economic exploitation, principal threats, proposed care of protected area The game preserve was founded in 1534 by Ferdinand I and was used for game keeping until the rule of Maria Theresa. Since the beginning of the 19th century it has become a favourite target of excursions of Prague population. Random tree felling and new tree planting has been connected with the discovery that some trees have been suffering from tracheomycosis. It is necessary to direct the forest management plans gradually at the replacement of non-indigenous conifers with leaf-tree species with the prevalence of oak, hornbeam and lime and the conservation of the beech wood (the only one in Prague area) on the slope below the Hvězda summer house. The game preserve is used as apark for recreation purposes and the organization of various sports events.

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Aerial view
Aerial view of the Hvězda Game Preserve natural monument from the south.

The beech wood
The beech wood belongs to the most valuable woods in the Hvězda Game Preserve natural monument.

Acalles hypocrita
The snout beetle Acalles hypocrita testifies to the long-term continuity of the woods.